Friday, January 27, 2012

Ayele Abshero, Aselefech Mergia win Dubai Marathon

Ayele Abshero won the race in a record time
( Photo:  Dubai Marathon website )
Ayele Abshero of Ethiopia won the Dubai Marathon on Friday, setting a course record of 2 hours, 4 minutes, 23 seconds in his first marathon.

The 21-year-old moved up to the full marathon distance after having broken the hour mark in the half marathon in the Hague last year.

Abshero moved to the front of a pack at the 34 kilometer (21.13 miles) mark and then pulled away from his compatriot Dino Sefir Kemal at 39 kilometers (24.2 miles) to win the race by 25 seconds over Kemal. Markos Geneti was third, completing a clean sweep of the placing for Ethiopia.

Abshero's time was 30 seconds faster than the course record set by the great Haile Gebrselassie in 2008.

Abshero's victory was unexpected not only because of his inexperience but because of the number of top Kenyans entered in the race.

But the likes of five-time major winner Martin Lel of Kenya and the 2011 champion David Barmasai of Kenya couldn't keep pace and dropped out of contention with about 10 kilometers (6 miles) to go.

The win, which returns Ethiopians to the top spot in Dubai following Gebrselassie hat trick of victories from 2008-2010, .also puts a dent in the dominance of Kenyans who won every major marathon last year and would have been banking on gold in the upcoming Olympics in London.

In the women's race, defending champion Aselefech Mergia made it an Ethiopian double as she held off Lucy Kabuu of Kenya by just three seconds, winning in 2 hours 19 minutes and 31 seconds. Kabuu, running her first marathon after being a force at 10,000 meters, briefly held the lead in the closing stages but Mergia passed her and held on for the victory.

Ethiopia's Mare Dibaba was third, 21 seconds behind compatriot Mergia.



 1. Ayele Abshero, Ethiopia, 2 hours, 4 minutes, 23 seconds.
 2. Dino Sefir Kemal, Ethiopia, 2:04:50.
 3. Markos Geneti, Ethiopia, 2:04:54.
 4. Jonathan Maiyo, Kenya, 2:04:56.
 5. Tadesse Tola, Ethiopia, 2:05:10.
 6. Yami Dadi, Ethiopia, 2:05:41.
 7. Abdullah Shami Dawit, Ethiopia, 2:05:42.
 8. Deressa Chimsa Edea, Ethiopia, 2:05:42.
 9. Seboka Tola, Ethiopia, 2:067:17.
 10.Yemane Adhane, Ethiopia, 2:06:29.


 1. Aselefech Mergia, Ethiopia, 2:19:31.
 2. Lucy Kabuu, Kenya, 2:19:34.
 3. Mare Dibaba, Ethiopia, 2:19:52.
 4. Bezunesh Bekele Sertsu, Ethiopia, 2:20:30.
 5. Aberu Shewaye, Ethiopia, 2:20:33.
 6. Lydia Cheromei, Kenya, 2:21:30.
 7. Sharon Cherop Jemutai, Kenya, 2:22:39
 8. Atsed Tesema, Ethiopia, 2:23:13.
 9. Mamitu Molisa, Ethiopia, 2:24:24.
 10.Isabella Andersson, Sweden, 2:25:41.

Source: Times of India

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