Monday, February 6, 2012

Ethiopian Maid faces ban for concealing pregnancy in UAE

An Ethiopian housemaid gave birth just two days after she arrived in Abu Dhabi to work for an Emirati family.

The employer was told by the housemaid that she was suffering from abdominal colic.
But a visit to a hospital confirmed that the housemaid was nine months pregnant and her abdominal colic was in fact labor pain.

According to a source in the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs-Abu Dhabi, the employer had hired the housemaid through a recruitment agency which applied for the employment visa on her behalf.

The source added that the employer had taken the housemaid from the recruitment agency last week and just two days after she joined work, she had complained of pain. So the sponsor took her to Al Rahba hospital where the sponsor discovered that the housemaid was pregnant.

The source said neither the sponsor nor the recruitment agency suspected that the housemaid from Ethiopia would be pregnant.

Release from hospital

A source in the hospital said the housemaid would not be released until she paid the cost of her delivery.

According to the source in the government department, the sponsor bears no liability for this housemaid. He added that even the recruitment agency had no liability in this issue.

The official said the housemaid's visa would be cancelled and a life ban issued against her.


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