Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Abused Ethiopian domestic worker in video commits suicide

LBC’s broadcast shows she being pushed into a car
In a devastating turn of events, LBCI TV reported Wednesday that the Ethiopian domestic worker seen in a viral video being abused has committed suicide.

According to LBCI, the man seen abusing her was identified as Ali Mahfouz. He has denied beating the young woman.
She hanged herself using her bed sheets between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., Ethiopian General Consul Asaminew Debelie Bonssa said doctors told him, according to the Daily Star. He spoke to The Daily Star while returning from the hospital Psychiatrique de la Croix Hospital, known as Deir al-Salib. Police took her to the hospital after the incident.

The video was released by LBCI last week. According to Bonssa, who said she was in Lebanon illegally, the incident took place two weeks prior to its release.

Sadly, it appears the Lebanese government failed to launch an effective investigation into this case. The question that must be asked now is who should be held accountable? The public witnessed this abuse, but nothing was done. Now, an innocent life is lost. 

Source:  NOW LEBANON and the Daily Star

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