Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ethiopian soldiers attack 3 training camps inside Eritrea

The Ethiopian army Thursday attacked three training camps inside Eritrea which Addis Ababa said are used to train hit-and-run terrorist groups against it. Ethiopian ground forces entered about 15 kilometres inside through the north eastern border with Ethiopia and attacked areas called Ramid, Gelahbe and Gimbina.

The attack is retaliation to a recent attack in arid northern Ethiopia Afar region where armed groups killed five European tourists and abducted two more Germans along with two Ethiopians, Shimeles Kemal, Deputy Government Spokesperson, told a news conference.

Ethiopia blamed the January attack on Eritrea while the later denied.

An Ethiopian rebel group, Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF), claimed responsibility for that tack and abductions before it said it released the two Germans recently.   

“Our military has successfully attacked these training camps used by Eritrea to train hit-and-run terrorists and subversive Ethiopia groups and returned safely,” Shimeles said. “The mission was to protect Ethiopian security.”

Shimeles said details about the kind of military used and the damages incurred in the camps are yet to come but “today’s measure doesn’t constitute a direct military confrontation between Ethiopian and Eritrean armies.” 

Ethiopian ground forces undertook the attack, he added.
Ethiopia accuses Eritrean government of arming and harbouring various Ethiopia rebels, including at least two secessionist movements. The Red Sea state is also accused of destabilizing the entire Horn of Africa, allegations Eritrea denies repeatedly.

“As long as Eritrea remains a launching pad for these kinds of attack in Ethiopia, such kinds of measures will continue,” he warned.  “Today’s measure will convey the right message to the Eritrean regime”
The Eritrean military forces are not capable of undertaking counter attacks and if they do they know the results will be very serious, Shimeles added. ( Source: Afrique en Ligue)

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ሠራዊቱ በወሰደው የማጥቃት እርምጃ የኤርትራ መንግሥትና ተላላኪዎቹን የጥፋት ተልዕኮ ማዕከላትን አወደመ (ENA)

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