Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Addis Ababa University to establish theater, Film Company

The Addis Ababa University set a standard to establish the first theater and film company in Ethiopia. The standard was tabled for discussion for stakeholders at the Eshetu Chole hall yesterday.

College of Performing and Visual Arts Dean Nebiyu Baye said on the occasion that the university, which produced renowned artists and scholars like Tesfaye Gessese, Mengistu Lemma, Abate Mekuria,Teferi Alemu,Aboneh Ashagre, Jemanesh Solomon and Menbere Tadesse, hasn't produced many theater pieces that reach the public rather than staging school dramas only meant for teaching-learning consumption.

“The establishment of the company will help the growing and promising industry producing artistic works that promote our society's psychological, moral, political and socio-economic beliefs to the world adding value to the community,” he added.

University Institutional Development Vice-President Dr. Hirut Wolde-Mmariam also said that the university provides community service in various sectors to the public and gets feed-back as a reward to address its internal problems. Concerning the company, she said learning from the experience of Ugandan and Kenyan universities, the university plans to generate income from this company by producing highly artistic works which build and promote the positive image of the country.
The Guest of Honour Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti appreciated the role of theatrical arts graduates in addressing social problems of the community and underlined that a community that doesn't have an art to express itself is considered as a body that has eyes and ears but doesn't see and listen. “That is why an art is considered as a third government throughout the world,” he added.

The Performing Art School is drawing experiences from different African countries and the US to establish a competitive arts company.
The idea of establishing the company was initiated between 1980- 1988 by Robert Maklaran who was among the notable instructors theater arts department. At that time, Robert did his best to establish a company which can change the country's art development forwarding a 20-page proposal. (Walta)

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