Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ethiopia likely to attain of 10,000MW generation capacity in 3 years

Ethiopia’s ambition of producing 8,000 to 10,000MW of electric power seems viable in the coming three years.

The country is, of course, exploiting its water, wind and geothermal potentials to address the rising energy demand by allocating about 42 billion Birr.

It is also steadfast to export power to neighboring countries to maximize foreign exchange and ensure its aspiration of becoming regional power hub.
In recent years, countries around the world are investing on power to fuel their engines of economic advancement with reliable energy sources.

Likewise, Ethiopia has been undertaking electric generating projects to considerably boost its energy supply.
This is according to Mihret Debebe, Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, during his time on Monday with local journalists.

The country has also strengthened its potential of independently injecting finance to power projects on its own.
Exclusively talking to the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency, Mihret underscored that Ethiopia has given much more emphasis to improve power supply during the past twenty years.

Mihret has not concealed the fact that the government is moving forward by breaking big yet manageable challenges.
The CEO is confident that Ethiopia is on the brink of achieving its dream of becoming regional power house.

 Meanwhile, Mihret also talked about the mission of the recently inaugurated international panel of experts to review the environmental impact of the grand renaissance dam of Ethiopia.
 In the coming five years, Ethiopia will allocate 200 billion Birr to push its established power development program ahead. (ERTA)

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