Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Revises 25 Year Master Plan

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is revising its power sector master plan for the next twenty five years taking in to consideration its aim to generate 37,000 MW in the coming quarter of a century.

The adjustment to the master plan established earlier was necessitated because of the growth in the power sector and the need to reassess the the previous baseline to take into consideration new power requirements said Mihiret Debebe, Chief Executive Officer of EEPCo.

The new 25 year master plan is expected to be unveiled in the first half of the next financial year according to Mihiret. The new plan aims to generate 37,000 MW by the end of the period and will establish financial sources for the high costs anticipated in implementing power projects.
The Corporation aims to solicit funds from domestic and foreign partners taking advantage of the increasing confidence shown by international financiers due to plan to export power and expand the national economy said Mihiret.

The corporation is fairly confident of getting the funds necessary to begin work soon he added.
It is to be remembered that last week EEPCo announced that the power generation capacity of Ethiopia has reached 2,140 MW.

The national electricity coverage has grown to 47% from only 8% in the early nineties said Miheret Debebe, Chief Executive Officer with the EEPCo.

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