Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ethiopia 4th among African countries in ICT utilization: Minister

Ethiopia has become 4th among African countries in terms of using information communication technologies, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology said.

While opening the 5th ICT exhibition, bazaar and conference on Wednesday, the Minister, Dr. Debrestion Gebremichael said the number of people who use information communication technologies is getting higher.

Currently, the number of people who subscribe to landline and mobile phone technologies has reached 17 million, he said.

The Minister said government institutes at various levels have also developed the culture of using information communication technologies.

The government is undertaking various activities to further improve the use of ICT in the country, he said, adding, construction of an ICT Park is part of the activities.
According to the Minister, so far some 70 percent of the construction of the ICT Park has been finalized.

The exhibition organized under the theme “ICT: a Gateway for Growth and Transformation” is aimed at increasing the level of ICT awareness at the grassroots level and promoting its implications to national development.
It is also organized with the objective of bringing stakeholders together to share knowledge and best practices. (ERTA)

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