Thursday, July 5, 2012

2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying draw - final round, Ethiopia face Sudan

2013 African Cup of Nations South Africa
Ethiopia will face Sudan for 2013 African cup of Nations final round of qualifying with the first leg to be played in Sudan.

The ties will be played over two legs between 7-9 September and 12-14 October with the winners joining hosts, South Africa, who are automatic qualifiers for the Nations Cup.

Full draw:

Sudan v Ethiopia
Mali v Botswana

Zimbabwe v Angola
Ghana v Malawi

Liberia v Nigeria
Zambia v Uganda

Cape Verde v Cameroon
Mozambique v Morocco

Sierra Leone v Tunisia
Guinea v Niger

Libya v Algeria
Ivory Coast v Senegal

DR Congo v Equatorial Guinea
Gabon v Togo

Central African Republic v Burkina Faso


  1. belive it or not ethiopia 'll qualified 2013 cup of nation after 32 yers long dark years.

  2. I believe Ethiopia will pass this cup of nations...even Ethiopia has a chance to win the cup

  3. I believe Ethiopia will be qualifier and winner too, trust me on this

  4. Ethiopia will qualify for sure

  5. Ethiopia will beat sudan agregate 2:1

  6. ye allah help ethiopia..!