Monday, July 2, 2012

Allana Potash discovers over 1.2 bln tons of potash in Ethiopia

The Canadian-based Alana Potash, which has been undertaking a massive mining exploration in Ethiopia, has announced it has discovered over 1.2 billion tons of potash deposit in the Dallol depression of Afar region. It also anticipated that it would transform itself into production the potash that it estimated to sell for over two billion dollars of the mining in one year.

Following the announcement of the pullout of BPH Billiton, which was also engaged in the same project, Allana is planning to plant its factory in six months soon after the completion of its study.

According to information released from Allana’s headquarters in Toronto, securing additional license, the company would go operational in one year as of January 2013. At the end of the same year, over one million tons of potash would be delivered to the market.

In its pre-cast visibility study at the Dallol deep depression, the company has so far identified the potash level in four categories. Out of the four categories, the company approved that it will produce 1.294 billion tonnes deposit identified KCI which can take 19 percent of the total share.
In addition, the company has already identified the details of the categories. All this deposit is only from the project sites Allana is licensed to explore.

Source: The Reporter

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