Friday, December 21, 2012

Jacky Gosee Concert at Howard Theater, Washington DC canceled

Jacky Gosee Concert scheduled for Sunday 12/23/12 at Howard Theater in Washington DC has been cancelled due to disagreement between the artist and Minew Shewa Entertainment.
Below is a facebook post from Minew Shewa Entertainment:

To all our loyal, enthusiastic,fans, and supporters,

We regret to inform those who were planning to attend to Jacky Gosee, Concert on Sunday 12/23/12 @ Howard Theater and that the tour has been cancelled. Unfortunately, and to our disbelief, Jacky Gosee, who was suppose to come to USA and to make this whole tour possible backed out last minute, BREACH OF CONTRACT, for more money and therefore makes it impossible for us to move forward. This is an extremely serious matter on a number of fronts. Jacky, In reliance on his promise to perform, MSE has booked the venue in Washington, DC, and other Cities in US expended money on an airline ticket for him and to process his visa application, and has spent considerable money on promotional activities. Moreover, MSE is expecting full audiences for each performance, and would therefore lose many more thousands of dollars in lost revenue from ticket sales by him failing to perform. These events are extremely expensive with various costs that add up to an incredible amount of money, would sustain a huge loss.
For this reason, we must put the shows on hold indefinitely. No one is more disappointed than the minew shewa ent team, sunset ent and BK, Bruk, Dcabesha, Big D, Andy, Miki, Tade, Markachew- as we’ve been working tirelessly the last couple months to plan these shows, and the last few days to prevent this, but we have reached this point. Trust us, we did everything to avoid coming to this conclusion.

We understand this news affects everyone who was planning on going to our DC, shows and San Dieago, shows next weekend the most. We are deeply sorry for this news. FOR SURE your tickets will be FULLY REFUNDED through the venue or Ticketmaster. ANY other issues or problems, please email us directly HERE, or call us @ 2023905182 we assure you we will work to make amends for this unavoidable decision. YOU are most important to us and we are so grateful for your continuous support of us and our work.
MSE was founded in 2007. We offer Artist representation, event planing, and production all with a goal of promoting Ethiopian arts and Culture in the united state. MSE has produced and promoted Major and mid-size event celebrating Ethiopian Culture in the arts, festival, comedy, music, film and Live theater. MSE has concluded over 28 Tour in US Cities put over 251 shows, worked with over 145 musicians, Comedians, Artists, Dancers, and Models with success in many major cities. our drive and passion for what we do and the fans who support us will always prevail. Everyone here is dedicated to MSE, and while this latest set-back hurts, we are confident that when we look back on it, we’ll understand why it had to happen. This is definitely the first time we’ve ever had to face a situation like this so directly and so drastically, but we hope that YOU and the community will still believe in us as we move forward to do everything we can to overcome this, learn from it, and grow stronger.

Thank you for your support Shewa Etana, of Minew Shewa Ent. Looking forward to seeing you all soon~

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