Friday, January 25, 2013

Ethiopia vs Burkina Faso Live - 2013 Africa Cup of nations, South Africa

Ethiopia Vs Burkina Faso - 2013 African Cup of Nations

Date: Friday, January 25, 2013

Time: 1:00 PM EST (United States), 9:00 PM Ethiopian Time
Place: Mbombela Stadium (Nelspruit, South Africa)

Ethiopia 0 - 4 Burkina Faso (Full Time)

Ethiopia 0 - 1 Burkina Faso (First Half)
Goal -  Alan Traore Scores for Burkina Faso (34')

Ethiopia 0 - 4 Burkina Faso  Highlights

Live Stream Links and TV channels

Ethiopian Television Live
ESPN 3 (United States)
BBC Live text Commentary
Al Jazeera Sports
Eurosport International

Ethiopia Squad for 2013 African Cup of Nations

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  1. We will won the game

  2. it is the time of us to Winn every game we encounter during our match. it is really the time of renascence for Ethiopians in every aspect. we are in a miracle transformation in economic and as well social aspect.

  3. please Burkina the time is ours!! we are not only on the winning pole in foot ball but also in economic and social aspects. our transformation plan is not only focuses on economic transformation but it an economic transformation along with social aspect. in foot ball there is no win win approach but win lose !!!!!!! bye byeBurkina!!!!

  4. ethiopia is beautiful country

  5. great resource you guys offering. espn3 by far is the best.