Monday, February 25, 2013

African leaders sign peace deal to end DR Congo crisis

African Union HQ Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Regional African leaders have signed a UN-brokered accord which aims to bring peace to the troubled eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The deal was signed in the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. He said the agreement is a signal for "an era of peace and stability" to the region.

Reports say over a million people have been displaced since the March 23 rebel group took up arms against the Kinshasa government last May.
Mr Ban said the deal is just the beginning of a comprehensive approach that requires sustained engagement.

The hope is the agreement by the Great Lakes region countries may lead to the establishment of a special UN intervention brigade in eastern Congo. Earlier attempt of making peace deal last month was cancelled at the last minute.
Leaders from Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Republic and South Sudan were present at the signing. (ERTA)

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