Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ethiopian Airlines selected as partner for new Air Malawi

The Malawian government's Public Private Partnership (PPP) Commission has announced selecting Ethiopian Airlines as its partner for a successor of Air Malawi to establish Air Malawi 2012 Limited. Ethiopian airlines will hold a 49% stake in the new airline with 20% to be held by the government and the remaining 31% by Malawian individuals or companies.

According to PPP Commission Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Lipunga, Ethiopian Airlines scored 67 points against Fly Africa of South Africa's 61 and Global Business Networks of Botswana's 59 points. "The selection has been largely influenced by its global experience and competitiveness. The viability of the restructured Air Malawi will be greatly enhanced through strategic partnering with a global player. Air Malawi (2012) Limited will gain more traffic through international route linkages,” he said.


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