Monday, July 10, 2017

Addis Ababa City Condominium houses Winners List

2017 40/60 winners List:

Addis Ababa Condominium picture

የ4የ40/60 የቤት እድለኞ

2016 Winners - Round 11 Winners List

More Information:

Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

በአዲስ አበባ በሁሉም ፕሮግራሞች የተመዘገቡ የቤት ፈላጊዎች ምዝገባ ማጠቃለያ

Addis Ababa City Administration - Amharic

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March 2015 Winners:

35, 000 Winners in 20/80 and 10/90 announced:

Winners announced - news and information (Fanabc)
20/80 winners list (Fanabc)
10/90 Winners list (Fanabc)
10/90 and 20/80 winners list (ERTA)

Addis Ababa City Administration to register new Condominium house Seekers

2013 Winners

9th Round Winners

 Addis Ababa city administration 9th round condominium houses winners on Sunday 7 April 2013(10,257) list. The houses are found at Bole, Yeka, Akaki Kality, Nifas Silk Lafto, Kolfe Keranio, Lideta and other sites.

9th Round Winners List:

  • Akaki Kality Winners List
  • Bole Winners List
  • Kirkos Winners List
  • Kolfe keranio Winners List
  • Nefas Silk Winners List
  • Lideta Winners List
  • Yeka Winners List
  • Important Information for 9th Round Winners

8th Round

Addis Ababa city administration 8th round condominium houses winners on Sunday March 10, 2013(10,000) list:
8th Round Winners List:
  • 8th Round Winners List - All in One
  • Akaki Kaliti Winners List 
  • Bole Semit site Winners List
  • Nifassilk -lafto - Jomo 3 Site Winners List
  • Kolfe - Degenet site Winners List
  • Yeka 2 Winners List
7th Round

7th Round condominium winners List


  1. I am the 1st condominum house registered but still I can't get the chance, is it realy B/c of I have no chance or as most of Addis Ababa peopls said thre is secret behaind it?

  2. i have registered on 1997 Ethiopian calender but i have to keep my chance to see it,it may be administration problem but i have observe some people who have no house they get a chance but some people they get twice chance offering by the government i feel sorry with lack of performance of the administration.condominium house registered is difficulty to keep going correctly and to distribute those who have registered we know everybody paid 2500 birr to get registered to have first chance, but i respect the government to developed the country including offering house to the public

  3. i am 1st condominium house registered but still i didn't get chance .what is probelem? is it chance or others.

    1. let our mighty God helps you

  4. how can I know whether am in condos lottery drawing list. My registration date in the 1st round which 1997/2002

  5. please build a lot and try to help the poor because the people renting houses are quadrupling house rent. we are introuble UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Yemengisit Yaleh!!!!!!!

    1. ayzon yalfal!! hahaha...That's the result of our double digit GDP growth.

  6. Before the lotottery date ,the list of all active competitors should be posted in a known place. Please address this to the Government officials.

  7. please wait I am the same one day.....

  8. I do not think this is genuine for it lacks transparency. Still we need to see weather we are in the data or not. for me to be transparent is why our great leader and other EPRDF members fought for, but in actual ground this is not true . the reason to say this is , there is no mechanism for any one to know wheather he is in the data or not. If there is real transparency and accountability why do not the admistertors devise ways to make every registered individuals know his or her status. as long as this could not happen i believe this is not lottery rather distribution based on double standard treatment. by the way i was registered in the 1st round 1997EC.

  9. I have seen two chance for some winners in one registration number,what is the problem and what is the criteria to have two house with the same registration number ?
    who is responsible for this ?I have seen two house for one person with the same name ,father name,grand father name even hose number and telephone number .pls do some thing and take back the double house for the rest of is not difficult to make correction and taking back the houses for the rest as a government. or is it intenationally done by the government ? to get some individuals double chance ?

  10. hi
    I am not against the affirmative actions given to women(30%),but do you think our wives are male? why do you not give chance to family? As you know the bread maker in our society is the husband. I was registered as married and the government must protect family, but if it continuous it may led for divorce of families.

  11. Concerned gov`t body must give ephasis and give urgent answer for these!Many of us asking for weather we are on the regestered data of the house which is regestered on the list of 1997 or not.Transprancy starts from here,this is why EPRDF is fought for and struggling because some Irrisponsible authourities are misleading the gov`t in to corruption and didn`t give any urgent answer for public questions.How can some people get two lottery chance in one registration?what is the matter to display the data open to public and give response?Please don`t qurrerel the public with government!
    Do your best and hope to hear from you soon!Let transperency progress and avoid correption!!
    Thank you!!

  12. Hi!
    It vital to hear public complins ,as many of us r asking for the display of our names on the list of 1997 E.C registration
    What is the problem to list the names officially.Is that not gov`t
    speaks abt transparency?
    Save the public from some irresponsible and bitting dogs!

  13. i was z first to register but my name is not displayed from winners list so far & i dont know z i urge z government at least to give us a chance if our name is exist in z kifle ketemas database or not?

  14. i was registered in the first round but still i didn't get a chance to win the draw i thought my registration is not in the database to justify this it is better to have an access the list of registered persons online. since i know some persons having the card with them but their name is not found in the list. So please make sure your distribution is fair and transparent by releasing the registration lists online!!!...

  15. Sorry, I am really sory, because most of the condominium winners have their own house or they don't have family. I registered in 1997 and my husband also registered we have two child's we are living a challenging condition still we are waiting this chance but we didn't get why the government make a survey does really the applicants doesn't have house or any one of the family members. In addition to these we need to see the name included in the data base in the government is easy to display all the applicant list in the website.

  16. Please be available to us to be check weather we are in the data base or not.
    I think it is so simple.

  17. Every body feels the same, disappointed becuase the name is not in the list. But since it is a draw and there are many hundreds of thousands registred it is better to wait until other draws come.

  18. please tell us about the dead line to accomplish what is to be done including the down payment and others. The work I am having makes me so busy I mean ,I am most of the time out of information.

  19. lewodfet memezgeb endet yichlal?

  20. It has already been said much by many comment givers that there should be transparency by displaying all registered lists and all lists of winners(infact winners data is released except for the 6th round winners)in website. We expect action from Addis Ababa Administration, it is so simple to do that. Or if this is not possible because of some errors made previously let atleast there be a way to check wheather we are in the list. Please respond to our comments by action!!!

  21. We need action..action..action.. on our comments. Please post the list of all registered for condominium lottery!

  22. i think always god choose this type of chance so don't say the government is corrupt b/c the poor people is the good example of winner but iknow the situation is bad .

  23. we herd that some selected name are going to the lottery ,what is this mean?

  24. Why would anyone what to live here?? I guess Ethiopia is now finally approaching the 60s and 70s when urban planners were experimenting with the "projects". They are now realizing how these types of buildings DO NOT WORK!!! Dear Ethiopia, please get a grip, look outside for a second before you waste everyone's time, money and energy on something that is going to exasperated your problems. Poof fools!!

  25. i am the frist regestered.but why did not i got this chance?

  26. As many Addis Ababan's registering for condo apartments, I was highly frustrated on the arrangements you 'organized' in every city kifle ketemas. Why should you call us and fall us prey to theft and many hardships for condos that will be finished after six months or a year from now? for eg. MEKANISA kOTARIE is not ready yet. I share the assumption that you are more keen on collecting money than scheduling yourself properly. Offices responsible for handling the transfer are far beyond being capable. A 'good??' example for this poor performance is Nefasilk/Lafto Sub City. I was wondering what the executives on the other side of the fence were doing when such a mess up was going on under their eyes. I assure you many who handled the coordination outside the office were either highly under qualified or are really disorganized. The public was wooing.

    How about the Woredas issuing the ID. I am sure you have heard that some thing under the table was being done in some woreda offices. The bank service is also an issue. I understand the Construction Bank was more closer to the job than the CBE unless there was a different motive behind it. In any case there remains many to be desired. I do not think you have planned it to the minimum best.


  27. The lottery is not fair......
    it has a corruption problems tooooooooooooooooo

  28. am sure the gov't is donig fack but know i see some change even if i don't register at 97 but i hop they will get home soon

  29. I Have The First Round Registration Card at hand but,still no chance.
    what can I do?

  30. It has been ten years since I was registered in 1997 E.c but i still didn't get the house. So is it the matter of chance or is there some corruption behind it? when does the most unfortunate person get the chance for the condos after ten years of expectation,still leaving with parents due to housing problem?