Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ethiopia Dam on Blue Nile - Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia Dam on Nile River
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is located at approximately 750 km North West of Addis Ababa on the Blue Nile. It was launched on April 2nd 2011 at Guba in the Beneshangul  Gumuz Regional state of Ethiopia.
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be the largest dam in Africa: 1800 m long, 170 m high with an overall volume of 10 million cubic metres.

The project consists of a Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam, two powerhouses, a gated spillway and a rock-fill saddle dam. The two powerhouses will accommodate 16 Francis Turbine Units with a total installed capacity of 6000MW and a generation capacity of 15,000 Gwh/y.
The main dam which will have a volume of approximately 10MCM, a length of 1780 meters and height of 145 meters, will be a RCC gravity 6 dam, divided in three sections: right bank, central section and left bank.

The central section will be used as a stepped spillway. This will create a reservoir that covers, at full supply level, an area of 1,680 sq. km and hold a volume of 75 billion cubic Meter (BCM) of water.
Ethiopia nile dam renaissance

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