Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ethiopian Air Force graduates 31 military pilots

Ethiopian Air Force Pilots
Ethiopian Air Force graduated 31 military pilots in an event it had at the Debrezeit Air Force Base.
The graduates had 3100 hours for practical on jet flight training and 2500 hours strong military training both in theory and practice on the ground. The graduation ceremony recognizes Ethiopians military capacity has increasingly growing contribution to neigbouring countries.

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defence Forces, Samora Yunus said the Military is undergoing radical transformation.
Ethiopian Air Force is an able force equipped with the most advanced SU27 military jets. It has been transforming itself with modern arms, structure and continuous capacity building.

Its Maintenance and Overhaul operations capabilities have turned old jets into service which is saving much needed hard currency for the country. According to Samora Yunus, “The Military is continuing to upgrade itself with modern competence and tools to take its capacity to the next level.”
Source: ERTA

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