Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethiopian Renaissance Dam expected to start pre-generation work in August 2014

Ethiopia Nile dam
The Metals and Engineering Corporation said on Wednesday the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is expected to start pre-generation work in August 2014.
Director General of the Metal and Engineering Corporation Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnew while presenting the nine-month report of the Corporation to the Industrial Affairs Standing Committee of the House of People’s Representatives said the Renaissance Dam construction is well in progress in line with its schedule.

However, the Director General admitted that there is delay in other mega projects such as geothermal energy, sugar and fertilizer factories due to problems in provision of materials and engineering works.
Financial constraints and customs tax process problems are other reasons he mentioned as reasons for the delay.

Standing Committee of the Industrial Affairs of the House urged the corporation to address the problems witnessed in the timing of the projects.

Nile Dam Ethiopia

Source: ERTA

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